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Our mission (and we gladly accept it) is to open up new perspectives for you and to help you improve your customer relationships, thanks to the implementation of various tools (CRM and interfaces) created with your needs in mind. We're very good with SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, SAP CRM et Salesforce.

Helping you to achieve your ambitious marketing objectives, being available to you in order to listen and best understand your project: that is our aim.

In addition to all of this, we are able to create connectors for you, essential software that will allow you to link various solutions together. After SugarPshop and Shop-Force,, we've launched Myddleware in September 2014, a new platform thats enables you to connect several applications. The platform will be available in english in November 2014.

Do you need to better understand your customers’ expectations and to enter the e-commerce revolution? We are ready to take up these challenges with you.

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CRM means Customer Relationship Management.

The CRM solutions intervene in two essential domains for developing a good customer relationship: before you begin, by assisting with prospection of new customers, and afterwards, by boosting loyalty of former customers.

We are mainly working with three market-leading solutions: SugarCrm, SAP CRM and Salesforce.

Our aim:

Finding the solution which best corresponds to your project.

Thanks to a tailored CRM, you will be able to:

Stock customer information (accounts and contacts) in a shared database.  

Equip your sales force: one database for your commercial data 

 Follow your customers’ orders and purchasing frequency and set up targeted communication. 

 Prospect future customers

 Activity Management: tasks, phone calls, e-mails,
   notes and appointments with the integrated Agenda.

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Mercredi 24 juin 2015
Meet us at Shake15!

A date for your diairy!  On the 29th an 30th of July, our team will be attending Shake15 in Marseille This is a great opportunity for us to meet up, right? So please, don't be shy and come to see us at stand n°17! Hope to see you there![...]

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Mercredi 9 juillet 2014
Europeans Want Right to Be Forgotten - but Not for the Other Guy

Europeans want to be able to sweep their own dirt under the rug, it seems, but they'd like the follies of others to be subjected to the bright glad of daylight. That seems to be Google's interpretation to Europeans' reactions to grant certain requests for link removals. [...]

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